Jon Quayle
Creating an application to distribute Xbox review codes

The problem

The Xbox team came to us looking for a way to distribute review codes for games that have not been released to the public just yet. The current process for delivering these codes was by email which was extremely unsecure and time-consuming.

The new process had to be secure, streamlined, branded for Xbox and allow gaming influencers to keep track of what game codes they have been given.

  • App design

The application had to be secure and adhere to the latest Xbox/Microsoft design language. There are two separate logins to the application, the administration section, where admins can input influencer details for who is to receive the codes for each game, a section where a campaign can be created. Image content and game information is uploaded to this section and sent out to the chosen gamers. They will then receive an email with login credentials, asking them to log in to download their game code.

The user section (for the gamers), acts as a sort of hub, where any game codes that have been sent to the influencers are stored in an xbox styled dashboard.

I have had to edit some areas of these screenshots as some information cannot be displayed.

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