Jon Quayle
Brand + digital designer

I'm a graphic + digital designer, delivering solutions in branding, web design and art direction

I'm a creative graphic and digital designer working within a top creative agency with six years experience in brand development, web design, front end development and various marketing projects.

My website is currently under construction but you can view my full CV and portfolio here.

Clients + Customers

Some of the clients and studios I have worked with:

Superyacht Supplies, Six Audio, Vivid Audio, Elbrus James, Tasker Catchpole, Higherground Flooring, Focus Integration, Soane Britain, Harlequin, sunoso, Bannenberg & Rowell, Benchmark, Hirsh London, Pestana Chelsea Bridge, The Kitchen Store, Goodwood, John Haynes, Syngenta, Bolney Wines, Powder Byrne, Swissotel, Direct Life, Heirlooms, ZR Marketing, Bodyfit Brighton, Henry Barratt, United Magic Studios, Warren Creative, Skye Creative, Appaloosa Agency and Trustco Media.


I’m always interested in new opportunities and working on new projects. Email me or contact me on 07846 711 756 if you would like to work together.